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    May be I do something wrong. Following problem:
    The suggested way to install TYPO3 ist to install it above the doc root, in ISPConfig the /srv/www/clients/clientx/webx/ folder an set symlinks in the /srv/..../web/ folder. But in the /srv/www/clients/clientx/webx/ folder I can not create files oder directories in case of rights. Not as root, not as shell user for that site. OK it ist not a must, but if I install all TYPO3 in the ../web = document root, there are restriction in updateting TYPO from the administration website.
    Even better, I could not get to work too, would be to install TYPO3 at the /srv/www/clients level or at least at the /srv/www/client/clientx level, so one typo3 installation may be used for many website and many websites may be updated together with just changeing symlinks. t is also space efficient to have only one TYPO3 source für many installations.

    Thanks for comment.

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    You can change that by unticking System > Server Config > Web > Permissions "Make web folders immutable (extended attributes)"
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