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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by abianci, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Hi ppl, I have 2.1.1 installed on a server and I'd like to update it to 2.1.2.

    I've seen somewhere in the forums that update means reinstalling and I'd like to know how safe is the update process. Should I just (g)unzip and start the setup script?

    I've modified some lines in the vhost.conf.master templates and un a couple other areas, so I'd like to know if the upgrade process will overwrite everything (in that case I'll do it on the weekend :p )

    Also, in a quick check of the website, the only way to send you money I saw was hiring you for the installation. Would you put some sort or "donate" Paypal button somewhere in the site? I'll happily send you a couple of my next clients' setup fees to help the project somehow (I can write PHP, but I'm better at donating :p ). Keep it up, I'm in love with ISPConfig.
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    I run the installers frequently on my servers and do the upgrades for clients, never got problems with that.

    If you have a 32Bit linux, just un tar.gz the file and run setup script.

    If you have a 64Bit system, you must do the same modifications in the compile script youve done for the installation of the previous version.

    In case anything goes wrong, the installer makes a backup of the /root/ispconfig, /home/admispconfig directories and the database. You can get your old system back by simply extracting them to their original locations.

    Your modifications will be overriden. Make a backup of the templates and copy them back after the installation.

    We (Falko and Me) are from the german company projektfarm GmbH. projektfarm does most of development and coordination for ISPConfig. We are glad if you will support the further development of ISPConfig and our work here in the forum, please send me a PM and i will see how we can handle this :)

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