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    First of all, thank you for a great pice of software!

    Some of my wishes for future realeses:

    -Mail user can use the web ftp feature for uploading web pages etc from the mailuser login (not to the main site but he users pages).

    -Better control over e-mail adresses, sorting alfa etc.

    -Hide the maidir when users logon to ftp (they don`t understand what it is).
    How about an option for using their web dir as ftp root...

    -Deny users to change to weak passwords (etc must have 6 char)

    -Ability to change the user web page path (etc from to

    -Ability to block all users from seeing stats (etc only admins)

    -Ability to give one mail user ekstra adresses he can configure self from mailuser login (great for isp`s with userpacks with 5 adresses, just give the user one adress and he gives himself the 4 other...)

    -Update and control spam/virus filter

    -Getting all logs sent as mail

    -Squirrelmail plugin

    Locking forward to future realeses!
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