Users unable to delete email when quota full

Discussion in 'General' started by snowfly, Oct 14, 2014.

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    On ISPConfig, when a user has used 100% of the email space quota, it seems they are unable to delete emails using Roundcube.

    Webmail just displays an error: An error occurred. Connection to IMAP server failed.

    Tried turning on imap logging in roundcube, but found nothing.

    Tested on a different mailbox that had 90% usage, can delete emails fine.
    Then lowered the quota on that mailbox so it hit 100%, then can't delete emails any more.

    Any tips?
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    Fixed - found a config in roundcube that fixed this:

    // 'Delete always'
    // This setting reflects if mail should be always deleted
    // when moving to Trash fails. This is necessary in some setups
    // when user is over quota and Trash is included in the quota.
    $rcmail_config['delete_always'] = true;

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