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    I'm trying to change the location for "/var/www" to an NFSv4 location (ie. /nfs/www), but ISPConfig can't create the client folders...
    This is a fresh "offline" test-server setup, where I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS with newest ISPConfig installed yesterday (3.1.3 I'll guess)

    I've already been googling about this for a while now, but without any proper answers...
    So now I hope that someone in here already have done it.
    (But I'm beginning to guess theres a reason why I can't find any info about it. :oops:)

    At the moment I have just copied (rsync) "/var/www" to "/nfs/www" and created a symlink.
    I've already tried to change the ownership for "/var/www/clients" to "root", "ispconfig" and "www-data", but all gives the same output in the logs.

    Am I trying to do something impossible here, or have I just missed something obvious?

    Logs, etc...:
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    Thanks for the reply! :)

    So it WAS impossible! :D:p
    I were actually already started on the last option I could think of and mount the NFS share as "/var/www".
    (Just to be sure that I didn't had a faulty setup in some how, even when (I think) NFS isn't that complicated.)

    And thanks for the link! - I did really try to search through the tutorials, but could only think of the words like "move, symlink, /var/www, NFS", etc...

    ### UPDATE ###
    When mounting the NFS share as "/var/www", it works PERFECT and without any modifications on permission, ownership, etc.!!
    Now I just have to optimize and secure it... (o:
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