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  1. cybertron

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    Hey guys, I'm kind of new to linux in general and still trying to understand this stuff so go easy on me. I've followed this tutorial here and have a couple questions.

    My setup is: RAID5 configured @ /mnt/raid/ and FTP home is /mnt/raid/ftp/$username

    Under FTP (username ftpuser) everything works great. However, when I try to delete something via SSH or Samba, it gives me (username josh) a permission denied. So I decided to add myself to the ftpgroup (I followed all the tutorials naming) using sudo usermod -a -G ftpgroup josh. I then noticed that the files in the FTP folder where as follows:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 ftpuser ftpgroup 23602562 2010-01-14 03:42 MVI_2627.AVI
    And so from what I read, that means the group cant do jack. This is a complete home setup, so I need my user josh to have full permissions over the ftp files. What am I doing wrong in this case? How can I get the FTP user to upload files in such a way that other groups can access it? OR how can I make my non-ftp user more powerful?

    Thank you in advance,
  2. falko

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    ftpgroup only has read permissions, that's why a member of that group cannot delete files. To change that, you can either run chmod...
    chmod 664 MVI_2627.AVI
    or you change pure-ftpd's umask to 002 (instead of 022).
  3. cybertron

    cybertron New Member

    Thank you for your help. I was able to get a friend to help me with this yesterday and what we ended up doing was changing pureFTPd's umask to 017 per his suggestion.

    For anyone else wondering how to do this the documentation mentions switches, but I created a file called Umask and placed "017 017" in it. Notice it's not "017:017". This file was placed in /etc/pureftpd/conf/

    Thanks again.
  4. vpupkin

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    Hello, thanks for the article, very helpful. But I have a problem:
    1) all done strictly on the items
    2) system CentOS 5.4 (though the system CentOS 5.3)
    3) Vice Apache, lighttpd .... took all the necessary modules installed.
    4) a bunch of Mysql + Lighttpd + phpMyAdmin + FCGI + PHP + PureFTPd
    5) PureFTP in Mysql database creation all the same, only passwords pureftpuser changed.
    6) all checked on line, all right.
    But here's the problem with the entry in the database Mysql, not create the specified directory ... nothing, Please help! Although the record in the database table pureftp ftpd is! What is the problem do not understand ....

    /var/log/pureftp.log - empty
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