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    Folks, just need some guidance in regards to setting up a linux mail server. A number of years back I configured a mail server with the assistance of a couple tutorials from Falko that hosted multiple virtual domains using MySQL. The setup I finished up with was ideal in that rather than navigating to the https://servername/webmail I could configure it so that each domain had its own secure webmail address.

    EG. - -

    I was using Squirrelmail as the webmail option.
    In the years since it was configured I have misplaced the notes and therefore cannot seem to do it on a newly deployed server.

    Anyone provide any quiddance. I have moved onto iRedMail and Roundcube if that helps

    Clinton McCrea
  2. You can configure your virtualhosts of your webserver to get this working. Please provide some more information about your server; what webserver are you running? Where do you have your webmail located? Wich domains do you have, or just an example domain?

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