Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier And MySQL Question

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    Firstly, this is an excellent tutorial.
    After spending a week trying to do the same with Cyrus, I managed to get this to work in under an hour.

    I only have one remaining problem that hopefully one of you will be able to help me with.

    I followed the tutorial ( to the letter on a clean install of Debian 3.1.
    All the services are up and running and I'm accessing a test email account via IMAP successfully.

    My problem is, when I try and create some extra folders on the account (i.e. Sent Mail, Drafts, etc.) they are created as a subfolder of Inbox rather than under the root of the mail account. Now according to the Curier IMAP FAQ ( this is a problem with my mail client not understand the namespace.
    I've tried connecting to the account however with both Thunderbird 1.5 and MS Outlook 6, both of which display the new folders as subfolders of inbox.

    Is it really true that this is a problem with the client, as I'd have though Thunderbird at least would have support for Namespaces? Plus, this does not happen on any of the other IMAP accounts in Thunderbird (which were not setup by me).

    So does anyone know of any reasons server side why this might have happened?

    Thank you for any help given...
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    I don't know this problem, but maybe it helps if you set up all the folders you want on the server instead of with an email client.
    You can use the command maildirmake for it.
    man maildirmake
    for further instructions.

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