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Discussion in 'Technical' started by narwhale, Nov 6, 2009.

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    I'm planning on building a new system late winter or early spring and wanted some feedback into my OS plans. I am planning on using Ubuntu 64 bit as a host and Virtual Box as the V-system then installing Ubuntu 32 bit and Kubuntu 32 bit inside. I will be using a two HDD set-up in RAID 1 {software} configuration. I do not believe the initial set up will pose to many issues but my concern is for upgrades to the various components and keeping the RAID intact and in sync. I would appreciate input from those with experience so I can add notes to the 'build' manual I am composing:)
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    Opps, Software

    Thx Falko for the responce; I have been doing some reading via this site and VBox site. It does appear that if I go about setting everything up correctly from the start then Kernnel update should not be a problem. As for Hardware on the origional post it will all be New:) Just saving $'s now don't ya know:eek:
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    Hey All.
    This is Harris and I am doing my MS from NYIT and I found so many technical discussion going on here and got some important notes. Thank you all and stay connected.

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