web-ftp: which address?!?

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    I installed and configured ISPConfig with success, except some little problems resolved through this forum (thanks to all!).

    I'm using ISPConfig v.2.2.3 and unfortunately the guide doesn't explains extensively the use of web-ftp.

    I noticed that if I create a new user, if I check the field 'administrator' the email-user is enabled to upload files in his/her own directory (users), i.e.:


    right. But to use the web-ftp interface you need to be authenticated at:


    using the username/password of the 'client'.

    Then I have this question: the client can activate some users to access via email in their own directories. But they cannot do it because it seems that they are forced to pass through the login process above.

    The guide doesn't report any address (URL) to connect bypassing the https:// authentication above.... which is the correct address?!?

    Thank you very much

  2. falko

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    Your users should use a normal FTP client like SmartFTP or WS_FTP. This is the preferred way of using FTP.

    You can use any FQDN or IP address that points to your server.

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