web_domain_edit.php ErrorMsg: 'Temporarily Moved'

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by RickSin, Sep 24, 2014.

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    Up until recently, clicking 'Save' in the 'sites>options' ISPConfig control panel rebuilt the 'example.com.vhost' config file using the *.master template. Now, I get no errors in my log files and I show a '302 Temporarily Moved' response in the browser's debug console on the line where the 'POST web_domain_edit.php' action occurred. It happens on all my vhosts (using nginx 1.4.6) even though I was only doing work in one. i am using unix sockets. I use a custom master template in the 'conf-custom' directory but I have flipped that back to normal just to debug this issue. Still no go.

    I assume I screwed something up here but I am not finding it. I have also upgraded to (from with the same results. Running Ubuntu 14.04 (3.13.0-29-generic GNU/Linux) with PHP 5.5.9.

    ISPConfig has been working fine and is great software. Has anyone seem this error before and can maybe offer a tip on what it might be?
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