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    Hello all,

    I finished up my installation of ispconfig 3 with Ubuntu 14.04. Everything is the latest version and it all seems to be working well on a DDNS.

    I paid for the ispconfig 3 manual and I would appreciate some clarification on WebDav's usage for clients. There are only TWO questions here.

    SENARIO 1.

    This is what the manual says:
    " WebDAV-Users
    WebDAV stands for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning
    and is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol that allow users to directly edit files on the Apache server so that they do not need to be
    downloaded/uploaded via FTP
    . Of course, WebDAV can also be used to upload and download files

    So after reviewing many (if not all) the responses from questions regarding how clients perform the above stated operation, it would seem that it doesn't do any of this FROM their online account via http(s).

    Question 1:
    Is this correct?

    SENARIO 2.

    The manual also states the following about WebDav regarding the client DIRECTORY usage:

    "Directory: This defines the subdirectory of your document root that you want to access with WebDAV. If you leave it empty, you can access the whole document root and its subdirectories with the WebDAV URL http://example.com:80/webdav. If you type in a subdirectory, e.g. images, you can access the images subdirectory as follows: http://example.com:80/webdav/images"

    Question 2: Since the creators of ispconfig 3 auto-placed the default directory prefix of webdav/ into that spot, and the manual is giving the impression that you add "images" afterwards, then what is the actual directory that I, as the admin, would add to give a client access to their files?

    By the way, when you do use "images" or any other input for the directory, it creates a new folder in the webdav folder under the user's web files, which is, IMHO, not getting the job done streamlessly as it creates either more work for the admin (having to rewrite code) or the user (having to ultimately use FTP to transfer the files from "webdav/XX" back to a useable directory.

    Thanks for the help/insights!
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    1) This depends on the website settings. Webdav is a prt of the website were the webdav account belongs to. If this website has https, then webdav is available trough https as well. If the website hs just plain http, then webdav is available trough http only.

    2) I guess there is a fundamental misunderstanding for what webdav is used for here. Webdav allows you to give your customers a private area to store their documents on the server and this private area shall not be accessible by a webbrowser directly without webdav. So the storage location is always outside of the web root and not inside the "web" folder. webdav is not intended to be used to upload any website files. To upload website files, you can use ftp.

    The reason for that setup is simple, webdav in apache does not support user switching or suexec, so the apache user, under whcih mod_dav runs, has never access to the "web" directory of a site and therefor you can not use webdav to upload any website files.

    Like I explained abvoe, webdav is inteded as shared file system only, e.g. when you are a web agency and want to have a shared and easy to use uload folder where your customers can drop you image files.

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