What are maximum number of Vlan's created

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    How many vlans can i create in a Fedora Machine?

    One more question. Is it hardware dependant or operating system dependant.

    Why i am asking because i have dual core's, quad core and core2duo machines.

    Expecting some good replies
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    As VLANs are created over minor-devices in Linux, the limit should be 256 VLANs per ethernet adapter.
    Edit: You have to count in that devices like tun/tap, loop are minor devices of an ethernet adapter. So you can have 256 minor devices in total, but most likely not 256 Vlan devices as you need/want other ones, too.
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  3. Vlan's are identified by number's. And these number's range from 1-4094. VLAN id(number's) are assigned to switch ports. If i have assigned a vlan id of 300 to one of my switch port, then that port will only accept traffic from other ports with vlan id 300. Also the hosts connected to that port will be a member of vlan 300. If that host needs to be a member of another vlan, at the same time, then another physical cable needs to be connected to a different port,with different vlan id.

    Suppose i have a 24 port switch, and would like to have 4 vlan's(vlan 200,vlan 300,vlan 400, vlan 500) and 15 hosts connected to it. In this case, if i need to also include hosts on other switch to the same vlan 200,300,400,& 500 then i will need to interconnect these switches together. As i told, one switch port can only be assigned with one vlan id, so i will need 4 ports on this switch with required vlan id's connected to the same vlan id ports on the other switch. Which means i will require 4 ports for 4 vlan's to interconnect different switches.

    No need to worry about (dual core's, quad core and core2duo) processor or platforms

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