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Discussion in 'General' started by erkan, May 22, 2014.

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    I followed the perfect serve guide here:


    I now run Joomla 2.5.20 with Akeeba Backup on the server. And when I take backup with Akeeba Backup all my RAM get used up and the swap file is used also. But the RAM never gets cleared until I remove the backup file I created earlier with Akeeba Backup.

    I have attached an image from Munin which shows RAM usage.

    Even if I don't run a backup RAM usage seems to build up after time until there's no RAM left and it never goes back down again.

    Is this a memory leak, and if so how can I trace it?

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    Please check whether any zombie process is running & exploiting RAM usage.

    Paste the memory usage by soring in memory usage.
    Use top & sort by memoru usage
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    I attached the result in a text file so that it's easier to read.

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  5. erkan

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    I see. That's probably it.

    I only wonder two things then.

    Why is it using my swap files as you can see in the log?

    And I had another Debian 6 server which didn't do this. Is this something new for Debian 7?
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    Linux kernel has some extensive algorithms that decide when to swap and when not to swap. If it decides that caches are more important then some application data then it will swap the applications. Ideally this should work fine.
    In reality it is often so much unobvious and strange. I've seen it even worse on RHEL6 openz kernel, when caches tend to be treated as very important and instead of freeing them kernel tend to kill mysql and apache.

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