What is the average time to become a PHP programmer?

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by session, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. session

    session New Member

    Recently I came to know about the huge opportunities in PHP programming. I have already started taking its tutorial and am looking for 3 months ahead to get into freelance assignments with the same. Is it a reasonable time to be in? I had training in C++ and Java earlier. I am looking for form validation in particular. Are there any opportunities other than this?
  2. directx_123

    directx_123 New Member

    hi friend,
    It takes as much time to become a php developer as it takes you to learn how to program in PHP. However long that period of time is depends on your ability and drive to learn.
  3. el-sid

    el-sid New Member

    it does take time depending on your willingness to learn. i would personally recomend this book: web database applications with php/mysql. its what i started with and a great tool. find out more on the link below

    the example source code is here

    have fun:)

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