Where to find user password hashes?

Discussion in 'General' started by teves, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. teves

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    can someone please tell me where I can find the user passwords (the hashes) in ISPConfig 2.2.35 ?
    I could not find a helpful answer in the forum; obviously they are not saved in the isp_isp_user table. I found a forum posting indicating they're stored in /etc/passwd, but each line in there looks like the following:
    No hashes in here. Can someone help, please.

    Is it correct that these passwords are stored in the crypt-md5 format (hashes beginning with '$1$') ?

    Thank you,
    regards, Tom
  2. falko

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    PAsswords aren't stored in the database for security reasons. They are in /etc/shadow.
  3. teves

    teves Member

    Thank you very much Falko!
    This information is vital for me.

    Regards, Tom
  4. teves

    teves Member

    Sorry to bother again, but I have another question:

    looking into /etc/shadow I found a faulty line in there.
    While a typical entry looks like:

    the faulty line looks like this:

    In other words: the user name and 5 Characters at the beginning of the password hash are missing.

    Does anybody know if this might cause problems?
    (Please don't tell me to remove the line; I will do so. ;-) )
    I wish to know what problems it might cause, because I had issues in the past that I could not find a root for.

    Thank you!
    Regards, Tom

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