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Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Kira, Nov 3, 2014.

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  1. Kira

    Kira Member


    I am currently looking for a new host for my websites.
    So far, I am using SynServer, located in Germany.

    Having a root server there and never had any complaints about them, but - since I recently moved to the US and the main visitors to my websites are coming from the US as well, I'd rather relocate to a server somewhere in North America.

    I do want to use my server not only to host some websites (some of them have 500k visits per month with up to 100.000.000 or more hits - lot's of small files and images) but also want to use it as mail server and maybe some game related servers once in a while (or at least teamspeak).

    Someone recommended digitalocean.com to me and from my first impression they are looking very promising, but.. when reading trough the internet I see quite a few bad things about them, as for example their IPs being blacklisted on all the major email servers, and being blacklisted on google analytics. Or can I work around that somehow?

    If not, does anyone have a good recommendation?
    I do not need too much space on the server, 40-60gb is fine. All I really care about s reliability, performance and speed. Also, I do want to setup things myself, not a big fan of those pre-configured systems.

    Any tips are highly appreciated! :)

  2. Winnie Abrahamson

    Winnie Abrahamson New Member

    Do you finally get a respond in this inquiry?I would like to be of help but unfortunately, a friend who knows about this things has been relocated. Anyway, I hope soon you will get what you need. Good luck.
  3. GreenLionNet

    GreenLionNet New Member

    You should relocate your server to US. This can add additional benefit for SEO as well. I would recommend you to look for companies providing SSD Cloud VPS.
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