whois cart and ispconfig configuration - a little help please

Discussion in 'General' started by alexnz, Jun 14, 2006.

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    need some help integrating these two together

    firstly i know only the very basics in PHP coding, i apologize if i come across as a complete newb,

    right lets kick this off:

    i have seen the remoting framework example and the PHP examples in this thread that falko has kindly added:


    now ive added those two examples into whois cart under the admin/hostinterfaces directory,

    now from what i understand from whois cart when a customer creates a newuser it will run the script IPB.php in the main directory.....

    do i add some sort of link in IPB.php too /admin/hostinterfaces/cp42goisp.php?? so then once a new user is created it will run the cp42...php script and then continue too add the newuser on ISP config?

    if i am getting this completely wrong please point me in the right direction

    thanks in advance for your help !!!
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