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  1. ryanhs

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    I used ubuntu breezy badger perfect setup, and followed it exactly. I have a RAID5 700GB disk setup with 14G mounted on / and 672G mounted on /var. My company is going to be using imap and storing their email on the server. According to this configuration it appears that the email users home directory is actually stored on / rather than /var. My questions is.. did i do this right? which mount is going to grow as the email adds up?

    Is this not the path to the users email
    root@bbmail3:/home/www/web3/user/web3_ryanhs/Maildir# ??

    I would like to move forward and get this server live so if anyone has any input i would appreciate it greatly.

  2. falko

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    It seems you have installed ISPConfig. You should have used /var/www instead of /home/www - then your partitioning would have been perfect.
    Now your data is growing on the / partition instead of on the /var partition...

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