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    I'm running Centos 6.6 with ISPconfig 3.x (latest version). Using NginX, postfix and dovecot.
    I bought a simple wildcard Comodo PositiveSSL and got the mail controlpanel and mail working.
    This SSL will work on *.domain.tld
    my panel is set on https://cp.domain.tld:8080 and works fine.
    My mail website also configured in ISPconfig, will run on http://domain.tld which I want to change to https://domain.tld
    I added the key, certificate and bundle to the correct website but it refused to work on SSL.
    I can access the site on http, I can access the default index on https but it claims the SSL certificate is not valid.
    I've read some posts about it and noticed you can not run multiple domains on SSL on the same IP. In this case my CP is a subdomain and my main website is too.
    This should be possible or am I wrong? Could someone help me out and tell me how this should be done or point me to a good tutorial/explanation?

    At this point, my site does not work as expected which needs to be resolved asap.



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    Never mind. Fixed it except for the email. Was looking at the wrong server because of a local DNS mistake *sigh*

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