wildcard redirect and SSL redirect

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  1. *.domain.tld => domain.tld with ht tp=>ht tps

    I would expect ht tp://*.domain.tld to go to ht tps://domain.tld but it actually lands on the default web page for the apache install.

    I added the following to the vhost file and things worked fine.
    The ServerAlias option was missing from the vhost file.

    <VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAlias *.domain.tld sdomain.tld​
  2. till

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    I guess you missed selecting auto subdomain * then in the website settings.
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  3. pkaresz11

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  4. Jesse Norell

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    If you set SEO Redirect to www.domain.tld => domain.tld and enable the Rewrite HTTP to HTTPS checkbox, I believe you will end up with what you want (though it's inefficient, and does http://www.domain.tld => http://domain.tld first, then http://domain.tld => https://domain.tld in a second redirect, but it does work). Make sure you have Redirect Type as "No Redirect" and Redirect Path empty. (I don't know if there's an rfe to clarify/simplify those options, but that would be worth doing.)
  5. pkaresz11

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    Thanks a lot!Configured with "No redirect" works fine.

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