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Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by kratos, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. kratos

    kratos New Member

    Hello everyone I want your opinions about windows 7 and its features.........:)
  2. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    I switched from winXP to Win7 when RC1 was available, i like it alot.
    To bad i use some apps that can't run in linux / x else i would've switched to linux at home as well, since it's simply the best :)
  3. Mkent

    Mkent New Member

    My verdict on windows 7!

    My verdict on windows 7 is that it isn't just another brilliantly done makeover by microsoft but it actually pulls together the best of xp and vista and much more. Its gives you the protection of vista and the user interface speed of xp.
    Plus the amazing new taskbar and shortcut features will make your life a whole lot easier if you have issues with organizing data. you may miss on a few programs though which have not been included in w7 (photo gallery, movie maker).
    If you’re an enthusiast or power user, Windows 7 is well worth your money.

    I hope this was useful!
  4. cf_ip

    cf_ip New Member

    windows 7 - XP SP 5 ?

    I would have to agree with the people on this post, that windows 7 does come across as XP SP 5.. it is far better than vista.. but on the whole.. still just "feels" slow!.

    It is quicker than vista though.. so that is a upgrade :).

    But on the whole it does appear that MS did listen to the complaints about vista and re-done it for windows 7.. but on the whole. I would still use Linux for my normal desktop and any games that will not work in linux will need to use windows for.
  5. Been Told

    Been Told Member

    cf I can't agree... My computer boots a lot faster on Win7 than it did on XP and it works great. No problems or errors or anything like that.
    I remember I had my trouble with XP at first, before it became a very good OS. With Win7 I haven't had any trouble at all.

    As for programs that don't run on it... I'm sorry, but what can one expect? I would rather have a modern technology OS than compatibility with programs whose creaters can't be bothered to go with the times.
    It has been a big problem for Windows for years, that backward-compatibility.

    Having said that, I didn't try the 64bit version. I can imagine that there would be quite a few more programs that don't work with the 64bit version.
  6. cf_ip

    cf_ip New Member

    windows 7 - XP SP 5 ?

    Was not really saying that it was slower than XP in boot up times etc.. yeah.. it does boot quickly because it only boots up the bare basics and still is loading once the GUI is loaded.

    I was refering to the actual speed of the OS/GUI , it just "feels" slow. to me..

    For example, I have 4 desktops running on one screen, with multiple programs running on each, at it still "feels" faster than Windows 7 does running just a couple of programs. Could be down to the memory imprint, memory swapping etc.. but I do have 4GB of RAM!!.. so would not have thought so..

    It does look like windows 7 will be a good hit, and hopefully Vista will be like Windows ME and Windows 7 will be like XP after ME.. a very good OS for the general mass.
  7. Been Told

    Been Told Member

    I have 4GB as well... Maybe it's subjective, but it doesn't feel slow to me at all. I've run WinXP on this same machine before.
  8. cf_ip

    cf_ip New Member

    Yeah.. I suppose it is subjective. The 4GB of memory was more of a reference of how the OS was dealing with the memory e.g. swapping loads pre programs running etc. than the actual amount of memory. e.g. if you had 1GB of ram then maybe Windows 7 would run slower because it was swapping in/out memory for programs to run, but with 4GB there should not be that much of a memory swap (to the HD). So the OS should just be using the main memory.
  9. cf_ip

    cf_ip New Member

    I am going to re-check out Windows 7 and see what processes are "stealing" the time from the CPU.. and try and streamline the setup.. to see if that will speed it up slightly.. I suppose by now.. most of the drivers should also work :).
  10. cf_ip

    cf_ip New Member

    tbh.. I have not seen any more better GUI interface functions that what I have seen on kubuntu / ubuntu setups, I mean I have spinning virtual screens, wobbly windows, etc etc etc.. windows does not even come close to the amount of options that are available.

    I do have Windows running in virtual OS just to check websites etc, and have it dual booted with vista on the laptop (tons on hard drive space) to play UT3 but that is about it.!! and I have heard that steam is doing a Linux client ;) ;) ;)
  11. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    Now for a decent Wow Linux client and I'm all set to switch. ;)
  12. andre21

    andre21 New Member

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