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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Primarch Doge, May 28, 2017.

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    (Sorry for any mistakes in writting. My english is not so good)
    I'd like to ask for help with creating a Linux server using VMware for an IT project. As of now I don't have any particular Lunix in mind so I'm open to any proposals. One of the conditions is to make the server accessable to others in my internet group (i don't know the word for it but this explanation should suffice: computer 1 IP computer 2 IP My deadline is June 12 and I'm on holiday form 4-8 June so I won't be able to work on this at that time. If there is something that I need to add please tell me.
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    As server I generally like to use Debian. It doesn't have the newest versions of software (but usually security issues get fixed). As server it just has been rock-stable for me for the last decade or so....

    As for reaching the server on an IP - that's probably more on the VMWare site how you do the networking to the virtual machine.
  3. For accesing your vm server you need to do a bridge connection. That is a connection that shows from you host machine network to the vm machine network. Have no experiance with VM-ware, I used only virtualbox and KVM. But in most cases you select then the bridge adapter (bridge connection) as your vms NIC.

    For granting access to others use SSH. Most distros have it installed or have an option to install the package during installation. Or you install it after. ( For debian/ubuntu "apt-get install ssh openssh-server").

    After that you just need to get a SSH client. I'm using SMARTTY but PuTTy is great as well.

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