Wizard module (domain, mail domain, website, database, ftp, ssh creation wizard)

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    Hi tio289 !,
    i tried to do what you tell me...but i don't very sure :) This is the very first time i've used git !!. I've send you a merge to request on develop, please could you be so kind to tell me if it is correctly ?
    Thnanks !!
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    Hello, thank you for conribution!! All ok, but one mistake. You had to create your feature branch based on develop branch, but no problem :) I updated contribution guide...
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    Hello @tio289
    I have install your module on newer version of ISPConfig, but when I try to save z new template I got this error
    Unknown column 'php_fpm_chroot' in 'field list'

    How to fix that?
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    It has been more than two years since the last reply, so I am not whether this module is still attended by its author or suitable with latest ISPConfig. Hopefully @tio289 will come back and attend to your issues.

    However, if you have some programming knowledge in php, you may want to check changes made to column 'php_fpm_chroot' in 'field list' in ISPConfig git and try to fix this module code for it.

    There was also a thread that may be related to your issue which you can read in here: https://www.howtoforge.com/community/threads/unknown-column-php_fpm_chroot-in-field-list.81324/
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    I just fixed this error (because new option 'php-fpm chroot' added to ISPConfig but wizard template is not update for this value). However I have no idea push back to repository so you can download my zip file I've attached in this message then deploy and replace 'wizard' folder.
    Thank you.

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