WordPress Multisite + Alias Domain (vhost) + DNS + Domain Mapping

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by OpenSources, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Hey Guys & Gals.
    In this post I am looking to bring the four components mentioned in the title together.
    The parts that are stomping me the most is the DNS configuration. What am I suppose to be doing if using IP method? CNAME method?

    Secondly, the cost method is desired so I can secure the mapped domain with the amazing let'sencrypt. The issue I think I'm having here is what directory am I suppose to be using the full directory listed when you view a site (/var/client/blah/web?)
  2. till

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    When you use Wordpress MU, then the additional domains are added as Alias Domains and not Vhost Alias domains. So all you have to do to have a Wordpress MU site with Letsencrypt is:

    1) Add a website.
    2) Enable letsencryt.
    3) Install Wordpress in it.
    4) add the alias domains.
    5) ensure that the domains point to your server with an A-or Cname record in DNS.
  3. OpenSources

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    Hey Till, Great to hear from you as usual. Just to be sure I'm understanding you.
    I can't have a MU WordPress installed at wpmuinstall.com with Let's Encrypt. Add a site site1.wpmuinstall.com and give it an alias of hamburger.com and hamburger.com will be secured with LetsEncrypt

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