Wrong turn accessing FTP ....

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by avanmessen, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Wrong turn accessing SCP ....

    Hi all !

    Here' s my setup :

    Site A - web1_users - www.sitea.com
    Site B - web2_users - www.siteb.com

    When I access the ISPConfig server through SCP
    with the root user and click through to /var/www,
    the www.sitea.com symlink connects me to web2
    instead of web1.

    On the server itself, through SSH, the symlink gets
    me to the right directory, www.sitea.com -> web1.
    Accessing the files through FTP works just fine too.

    What is wrong here ? SCP works via SSH right ?

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  2. Ben

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    Are you using proftpd or vsftpd? How does the depending conf look like?

    In case of vsftpd chroot is allowed so you may cd over the whole disk -> misconfiguration, eventhough it thougt the vsftpd shipped with ISPConfig contains the correct config switch...

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