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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by austinmichael, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. austinmichael

    austinmichael New Member

    I've upgraded to ISPConfig 3.0.3 this evening and upon accessing the URL:

    I see the error:
    SOAP-ENV:ServerWSDL generation is not supported yet

    There seems to be a nice complete API in place, but where can I find the WSDL file so I know the definitions of the SOAP methods?

    It was not covered in the ISP Config Manual.

    Thanks, Carl
  2. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    Try this:
    $soap_location = 'http://localhost:8080/remote/index.php';
    $soap_uri = 'http://localhost:8080/remote/';

    If you want to find out about the available functions, take a look at the remoting_client examples or in the interface\lib\classes\ file.
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Additionally to Horfics answer, there is no wsdl definition. Thats why you can not query it. Just lookup the functions in the files that Horfic pointed out.
  4. austinmichael

    austinmichael New Member

    I appreciate the response, but a SOAP service without a WSDL definition severely lowers usability. I'm a Java programmer, and with a WSDL I can generate a Java API for ISPConfig. I read another forum post where a .NET programmer wanted to do the same thing. Sure, I could spend hours mapping it all out myself but to have every developer who wants to work with ISPConfig do that is extremely inefficient and it makes the most sense to have the creator of the SOAP service make this file.

    I know, it's open source... take it as it is or get involved. It's a good product but this glaring omission is holding it back I feel. I'm happy to develop and contribute a WSDL file for the project, but before I spend the time doing that I want to make sure there isn't one currently in development or that there are no current plans to fix the ?wsdl auto-generation. Any ideas on that?
  5. Niels

    Niels New Member

    I want to try to make a WSDL and Im using one of my servers for trying to make it.
  6. bolvarak

    bolvarak New Member

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