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Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by warhoofd, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. warhoofd

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    Maybe an How To on X-Windows between Linux (like Fedora 4) and MS-Windows clients (like XP prof) (with a third party client like x-win32)

    Or if this is obsolete now (??) mayby a How To on Linux and VPN. Where Linux is the VPN server and serves Linux and Windows clients (with native Microsoft IPSec or Cisco client)

    Because Linux would have a strong point for me when I could increase its connectivity towards other produkts. I want to build transparent networks to be able to use the best of different platforms and O.S.

    Could use some help myself!!.

  2. jnoble

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    Hello, what exactly are you asking for here?

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