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    As the topic says, Even though Xandros is debian based, it seems alot different in some ways than the Sarge setup. I had alot of problems trying to follow the tutorial using Xandros and had to switch to one I know would work. So I have Mandriva installed on a system and in VMWare I have Fedora Core 4, trying to decide which I want to use for my server.

    However, I like the feel and look of Xandros, it has alot of nice features and is very user friendly, for the mosy part.

    I would love to use Xandros as my main OS for the system I am typing from but im a gamer and I know I should keep windows for that, but so many people getting their games to run, even Eve: Online which I play as well as other games like Sims 2, ect.. But I have not been successful at any games as of yet, cept for the Linux version of UT2004 lol.

    Along with Xandros, Would be great to see some tutorials on using Cedega (without Point2Play) as it helps peeps like me understand the console more. Crossover Office as well. While I can get some simple things running, I find it hard to install/use things that are not yet "officially" supported, but I see alot of posts from people saying they got this or that working, but then there is no instuctions on how they did it :(

    Anyways, if you happen to get extra time to look into these as possiblities, I would be very greatful. I don't expect it to be done as I know you have RL and your own projects to attend to, so no worries if you dont.

    And I was looking at your site and "about you" sections, and project. Your a very facinating person, amazed at the skill you have, hopefully I can get close to some programming skills at some point, it has been my passion to learn development and maybe code up a few small games.

    And for the other How-To's, so far it has been an experience and have learned quite a bit, specially starting and stopping things such as the servers http/ftp ect.. I didn't even know how to do that before!

    // Cheers,
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