Learning to use python with linux to automate tools.

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by CybergeekJSB, Sep 16, 2022.

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    I was thinking would it not be awesome if I could use python programming language possible with machine language to automate a program that uses Nmap but goes through basic scanning of ports, to scanning for an operating system, to executing Nmap scripts for brute force or other password cracking Nmap scripts. Perhaps thats too broad of a scope, considering Nmap is a large program with lots of capabilities. I can narrow it down to just the example of password cracking it would be nice to write a program with python utilizing Nmap password cracking scripts into one program so it can go from one script to the next utilizing different methods of password cracking such as dictionary attack, brute force, rainbow tables, password spraying etc..
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    i see no legitimate purpose in such a script unless you are looking into ethical hacking.
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    Yes that's correct it was for the purpose of ethical hacking, and for a classroom assignment, to post a question regarding something I would be curious to know and I am curious to know how to do more automation with scripting using Linux.
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